2011. jún. 28.

Cycling Activity 17.85 km | RunKeeper

Cycling Activity 17.85 km | RunKeeper

This is my cycling activiti to Algyő from Szeged, it is old, but i post it, cause it was memorable, It was hard cause i needed to go on my own feet back to Szeged, cause the tire of bycicle broke off.

2011. jún. 27.

Walking in Algyő village

In the late afternoon i was walked 7km, what i checked with runkeepet. I made some picture, about the church landscape, bridges. About bridges, i was walked on the train bridge, but warning message only was at the other end of the bridge.

Church of Algyő

I am at the christian church of algyő  It is nice and only churh of the village

Blogging from the android app

Hi there, this is an other test about blogging from mobile device using Blogger for android. It is usable, and much better than sending email.

First post from mobile device

Hi all
This is my first post from my sony ericsson x8 device, as sending email to my blog
I am in the TIK library of the university of szeged.
I am currently looking for new job.

2011. jún. 17.

New blog again!

Today i started to make an other blog:
http://slovakiancastles.blogspot.com - a blog about the beautiful Slovakian, or historical Hungarian castles!

2011. jún. 16.

New blogs

In the last two days i made two new blog:
http://hungariancastles.blogspot.com - this is a blog about the beautiful castles and ruins in Hungary
http://helloworldsource.blogspot.com - this blog will contains a Hello World source code of all programming language