2012. júl. 23.

R.I.P. Odin - the best cat in the world ..

My ex-girlfriend called me at 1:30 am, she told me with crying voice, our cat is jumped out from the window from the fifth floor. We searched for a pet hospital which is open at that time, then i fast get in the car, and go to get Odin. He was on the scratching tree, he always loved the upper place of it. My ex-gf told me the story about it. She and her flatmate opened the window to get some fresh air, but only for 10 minutes. Then they closed it, and ex started to search Odin. She thinked Odin jumped out, so she went down, but found nothing. She started to search again in the flat, but not found, her flatmate tryed to calm her - "he just hidden somewhere, he did it so much time before". Then she went down again, and heard a meow .. Odin went under a car. Somehow she managed to get him out, and went up to the flat, and called me. Odin cannot move, use her rear legs, and bleeding from his left rear leg. I take him in the cat carrier, we go down to the car, and gone to the pet hospital.

The doctor given a painkilling injection to him and started to investigate his wounds, stabbed needle to his legs, but there was no reaction. He said the broken leg would be not a problem for him, but if his spine broken, he can nothing to do for him. He given a sedative injection, and get him to the X-ray.

He came back with Odin, and goes back to let see the result. He says nothing to us, then he show the result to us too ..the spine is broken .. the vertebra is not connected. He will not be able to use his legs anymore, and maybe some other organ will not work too. We agreed to make him sleep, and give a lethal injection .. we cryed .. the breathing, moving of Odin chest sloved down .. and stopped.
We buried him in the garden of my grandfather just after we went out from the pet hospital.

Odin ... we miss you so much. Rest in peace!

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