2011. szept. 16.

My first salvia trip

My first salvia trip - it was short, i mean in reality i was unconscious only a minute, but i thought when it was over, i was at least half hour in unconscious state. My brother showed me the Salvia first, i always wanted to try something what is said to be consciousness-expanding, like LSD. But to use LSD is illegal, and hard to get, or make. Salvia is legal, different, but someway similar. The set of my first trip: i was sitting in a not too dark place, on a red sofa, next to me my brother to watch me, there was no music. I started to smoke my first salvia, my brother given to me a medium amount x20, what would be enough for 5 minute unconscious state.
I smoked it, and i felt myself happier, lighter, and i become unconscious in a minute.. i was in an other world, somewhere in the past, or other dimension, in the end or middle of 19th century, in a city like Budapest. I can't really remember what happend, i have seen a nice little family house made from wood, i think it was the place when everything started in that dream, but later what i remember, i was running on a big bridge in the city, and a woman shout after me on the bridge, "don't go, please stay here" ... i weared black clothes, hat ... and i shouted back "i must go, but i will come back", the river, and the view from the bridge was beautiful. The next thing what i remember when i came down from the bridge to a railway station, i get on a train wagon, and as my hand touched the handrail of the wagon, that moment i have seen the handrail in the room opposite to me, and i came back to the reality. First i have seen the handrail and the edge of red sofa, it was in waves like water, but in a minute it become over, i have felt the Salvia in my head, i felt my body little bit easyer, heard my own voice a different, that after effect was about an hour long, i had no problem with movement, nothing more hallucination/dream not happend, so the after effect is safe, and boring.. Overall it was a good trip, and i don't understand why i wanted to come back to reality from my dream.. maybe i not really wanted to be stay in unconscious state.. but i wish to go back there once, and try Salvia again later.. maybe next time i will go back there, maybe i will dream something different, but i would like to know more.